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Hi Annabel! Thanks for your input. The cheating issue is one we have often fought about. I admit I cheated in some way but don't feel I cheated as in I went out looking for someone to cheat on her with and did it behind her back. While V and I were having sex Rain could have come in, I wasn't trying to hide it, but it did end up that way so yes, it is cheating. And I've admitted that, hell admitting my mistake is probably the biggest reason we were able to work through it all and remain together, and I think stronger in our relationship. But I do understand what I did was wrong and I would never do it again. I don't need to learn the hard way more than once!

We talked some more last night about the possibility of a Vee... not sure how we both feel about that at this stage. I think we would really need to talk about and sort out issues of jealously and self-doubt. We know a triad is something we would much prefer. Even if the secondary (if I am using the term correctly) cared for one of us more than the other. Ideally we would like to be friends with the third first and if it led to something more between all of us then great. I honestly don't know how Rain would feel though if I met someone else and went out with them with no involvement on her part at all. I'm not sure how I would feel about Rain doing that. If it were a woman we already both knew I could maybe deal with it after some heavy discussion, but I'm not sure. To me that just sounds like an open relationship and that's not what we want.
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