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Originally Posted by rory View Post
Wow, ChloeJane, that's a tough one!

I can see how you can do a lot of good in your position, and that might be threatened if/when you come out. Then again, being out might cause other kind of good things.
I too see both sides of this. In some ways, I feel like I am coasting under the radar while my brothers and sisters in the queer world have fought with their whole beings (including their lives at times) to push forward awareness and demand to be respected, and of that, I feel ashamed. I help them fight for their rights openly, but am now hiding how I live? It's a double standard that bothers me on a fundamental level.

Originally Posted by rory View Post

Then, I don't know. Somebody who is in your position, and ethically poly, might be able to have a big impact on public perception of polyamory. If they are careful about how and when to come out, but not without a considerable personal risk.
I think that's the important part of it; when and how I come out, should I ever get to that place.... And yes, I also agree with knowing that my relationship with my girlfriend is more secure, because being polyamorous AND promiscuous would be the kiss o' death
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