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One of the best commentary's on the decision I've seen yet:

We have as many double standards on polygamy as Solomon had wives
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 8:00PM EST
This ruling demonstrates the tendency to compare only the best monogamous relationships against only the worst polygamous relationships. I've seen hard-core feminists get 18th-century sentimental over monogamous marriage when polygamy is mentioned. They even stop saying “patriarchal,” and require resuscitation.

But objectively I can't find any argument against polygamy that doesn't work equally well against monogamous marriage, excepting those about Western tradition – which are the same ones made against same-sex marriage, and not dissimilar to those made against women's emancipation.

From the CPAA
The Poly Majority
Are you in the poly majority? Invisibility puts you in a box. Who defines how others see you?

Be seen. Learn how.

We are the poly majority: modern, secular, egalitarian polyamory.

We believe every adult should create her own relationships. No loving, life-enhancing possibility is out of bounds.

We believe rights are rights, regardless of gender.

We believe in affirmative concern for the feelings, well-being, and autonomy of every person.
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