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Originally Posted by mekodesu View Post
just got off the phone with B, the conversation didnt leave the best feeling in my stomach really. she went and hung with one of her very good friends who actually knows the situation and apparently they talked. (when someone tells you that you wont want to know what is your reaction? the hell i dont.)

so we talked

i realized a couple things while we talked (one is in another post in the general section) but the other was that she doesn’t really let go of past issues after discussing them in turn never giving little chance to be righted because the suspicion is there that wont be the case. (Skeptical)

i admitted to things i know i could do better, but i also told her that i cant really show you that im making the effort at them if you cant see it (the distance and mind you when this break started my last visit was a good one for both of us per her words) but now we are back on past issues leaving me again confused and feel hell i dont know what at the moment.

this talk left me pretty upset especially how it ended. so im back to not knowing what to do and being an emotional wreak as well as wishing i knew the possible outcome
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