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b brought it up to me after it was mentioned from her friend tonight that first impression was that there was an obvious connection with bg and i but it didnt seem like it was there with b and i (or as stong) this is a person i had just met at the time and didnt know how she would think of things or what not so there i did hold back some yes.

the other time this was mentioned was by another friend who has known them both longer than i have. apparently the question was only asked of B and not of bg (this was this summer) this caused b to try even harder to prover her wrong (there is that trying to hard thing again) they were both however very worried about what she would think

at one point we did decide that the labels were rather useless because we didnt see it that way, but with the pregnancy that has changed. (i mentioned that i had felt rather secondary over something to get the response well you are and it wasnta a joke)

i think that these labels work at the beginning maybe but thing cant be thought of like that in the relationship because it efects everyone involved, and that a form of equal standing should be established especially if its something that all parties want to continue and maintain.
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