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I'm incredibly thankful for all the replies. The reaffirmation that my feelings are not completely out of whack is really helping me dig deeper to figure out what my desires are and how to set boundaries to make sure they are met.

ChloeJane - Thank you for sharing your examples on what worked for you. Seeing other people's boundaries definitely reminded me to examine what kind of boundaries would make me comfortable.

Icewraithonyx - My original intent was to work on our relationship for a while too, maybe 3 months or so. We somehow settled down to 1 month of no face to face with 'T'. It really helped us get up to speed on a lot of the trust issue. There are still some disconnect in trust, but seeing my GF open up to a level I've never seen in the 10 years we've been together has been eye opening. Honesty truly does wonders.
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