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Originally Posted by Storm View Post
I explained to Rain that if we were to enter into a triad at some stage down the road we could not have such stifling boundaries as we did previously with V and she agrees. Though Rain still wishes to find someone who will love us both equally as we would love them. And of course this would be ideal, but I don't know if it's realistic. Is it possible to find a third person to love us both as much as we would love them? Or is it going to end up that they will inevitably love one of us more? Because if that is the case I'm not sure Rain could handle that.

Any thoughts appreciated and I will continue to read previous threads on triads.
Finding someone who is interested in pursuing something with both of you is really hard to find. It might be helpful to look separately and find common friends that are poly and see what happens. The prospects of making friends and finding loves on your own are higher. Besides, poly friends often become family as poly relationships are bonding by their very nature. Like minded poly people often have very strong connections and commitment to their poly community. At least in my experience.

Often couples decide to find someone to share out of fear that they will lose each other and if they "do this together" then they won't. Actually the opposite is true. It decreases freedom to walk together in this journey and increases clinginess and co-dependency. Usually the very thing that is to be avoided.

Yes, read read read... tags such as "triad" "unicorn" "vee" "lessons" "foundations" all helpful.
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