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Question question for all: easier with one than the other?

Evening/morning and salutations

so i was just talking with one of my partners (or whatever we are at the moment) and i had a few realizations in the conversation. when this all started i was better friends (best) with one (BG) than the other (B whom i was talking to) in fact i really barely knew her and she is the wife of my best friend.

my relationship with bg is completely different than with b, how we interact with each other and so forth.. our friendship has been easier and i guess some aspects of that relationship as well because of our already existing friendship and connecting on that level. so that in turn means the majority of my relationship with b has been not only building the relationship but establishing the friendship, which i wish had occurred when i first met them.

so some of what has been on my mind alot with this break we are on is my relationship with B and how it has at times been strained, we fight more we disagree more ect, ect (and in alot of ways we are very similar). i told her tonight i think one of the reasons for this is that we both are trying to hard instead of things being natural anymore.

She has brought things up that have bothered her to me before and i have heard them and tried but failed to act on them in a way that was felt to be adequate to rectify them (meaning more strain of course)

so the question is (and this may be more for secondary’s than primaries but all opinions welcome) has anyone else had this experience where they mesh amazingly with one but the other isnt as easy. And primaries have you felt third wheel at times with your secondary and other partner because of their relationship and/or that when the issue is brought up the solution is never quite completed?

also how did you handle that situation was it cut loss and run or try and work it through it.
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