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Your relationship seems to be set up completely around boundaries and rules... is that right? or am I just understanding that because of this thread.

I realize you are not me and I am not you. But I find the description of your relationship stifling. Maybe it works for all of you I don't know. I just worry about a husband that APOLOGIZES for pushing boundaries! Are you the dom here? Am I missing something? If you are then that is a different thing, but I still would air on the side of allowing things to flow and not having such a tight grip on what everyone is doing and feeling. Things change. Its okay if they do. Its a good thing. There is nothing wrong with making sure all the sex is together, or that there are boundaries, but letting it go when it needs to be let go is also important I think. Something to consider perhaps? Besides, who has endless time holding on to such boundaries... I sure wouldn't. I got other shit to do!
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