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or just an ideal people try to aim for? Is there anyone who thinks they sincerely feel compersion?
For me, compersion is very similar to the good feelings I get when good fortune befalls a close friend. I'm genuinely happy for them. I love them and I want what's best for them and when that happens, its a good thing.

Did you always feel that way or was there a transition from jealousy to "I'm okay, if I don't think about it too much" to acceptance, to feeling genuinely happy that your significant other has this other person that loves them and makes them happy? What changed?
Jealousy still happens. But as mentioned before, its more about your own security with yourself or your relationship than it is about the other person. When it happens, we talk about it and I ask for assurance that our relationship is ok. Sometimes a discussion is sufficient, other times I need more affection.

Could you still feel that way if you didn't have other relationships as well, or is it harder in a vee?
I don't have any other relationships and my wife has two OSO's and I still feel compersion. It's not a constant thing, but when I see her happy and feeling good about herself, that's when I get it.
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