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I feel a bit overwhelmed with spam lately on here and don't have enough time to write here and respond to posts.... frustrating. I am have definitely appreciated all the hard work that Neon put into this forum. Its a lot of work! Someone asked me on the weekend how much time I spend on here a day. I think it is about 3 hours a day on average... for three years now? That is a lot of time!

Last week Derby and I took a holiday. We went to a neighbouring city to spend time with some forum friends, new friends and old friends. We had a great time!

We took to the road right after work on Friday and started by having a good heart to heart about some stuff that had come up during the week for Derby. After a good long chat and a long trip we got there with back packs on and walking shoes and headed for our forum friends house. It occurred to me that the only time we have seen them is when they have come to us to go camping in the summer. This was the first time we didn't look shabby, smell like camp fire smoke and stayed up all night

We were welcomed with open arms, a warm apartment and Mexican food at a nearby restaurant. Another good long chat to catch up and talk forum talk (yes, we gossiped ). Then to joke around and chat more on their big couch in comfort and warmth. What a cold night it was! It felt so good to relax and be staying somewhere where we could be ourselves and feel free to make ourselves at home. I was so grateful.

Next day we met the girlfriend of their triad and her new baby. She was a lovely woman and I liked her instantly. We had a walk through the city, something to eat and looked at shops for Scottish fare for a party we were going to in the evening.... by evening we were exhausted and our friend stayed behind to snuggle with his ladies on the couch. Can't say I blame him!

It turned out the party was only about 8 blocks away so Derby and I headed out to have an adventure. First off we got something to eat at a local Poutine shop, then we found a ticket for a concert on the ground and picked it up. It turned out that we were walking past the place the concert was at so we asked if anyone wanted a ticket once we got there. A woman from the line up was over joyed with the free ticket and thanked us profusely for a few minutes. Then we wandered off to the waterfront where the building was we were going to. At the top of the building was the party of strangers we had been told were poly and having a party.

The theme was Scottish, as I mentioned before, so we ate Hovish (?) or Neeps, many different candies and sweets and of course drank Whiskey. I had a good lesson on what to look for in a good whiskey. I was grateful for it as my brother and Dad are turning into experts and I want to show off my budding skill this Christmas

As the night went on we talked to many people who knew me from the site I host with Mono poly events all over which was inspiring. Also from the Facebook group I admin. I was glad to hear what they do and recognized them from other poly events, groups, etc. in my area. To my surprise, one was a mod on OKCupid! I would love to get in on that.... but then I would likely have no time for here, so its not likely to be something that I would pursue.

There was lots of places to have a cuddle and the atmosphere was relaxed and open to anything. In that environment we started playing Truth or Dare.... being the exhibitionist I am and having drunk whiskey, I was quick to join in on a lot of the dares and truths. Derby is just as much of a "joiner" as I am so we had a great time playing and being ourselves. By the end of the night (4am?) we weaved our way home.... tried to get into a gay bar at one point and got kicked out a few times... ya, it was a good time, I think?

The next morning we had to get up early to see Derby off home for her husbands birthday. We dragged ourselves to the train and she went one way and I went another.... after saying goodbye to our gracious hosts. I met my friend for lunch then and off we went to a women's group that was started for poly women. It wasn't unlike the one I started in my city. This was a large part of why we went to visit as the women there invited me to go and see them. All afternoon we made soup, gave massages, had a hot tub soak, talked, and got to know each other. What beautiful women. I felt truly honoured to of been there with them. When I left I told them of the retreat I am organizing for the women in my city and invited them all. I have planned it now, and some have signed up to come. I'm so excited!

Leo drove me back part way on my trip home from my trip. I was exhausted by the time he picked me up at 11.30pm Sunday night. I talked his ear off all the way home about my trip and other things to catch up on. We thought maybe that we would have a little kiss when he dropped me off, but other than a peck I didn't feel up to spending any energy on it in terms of what it would mean to us or what it would mean to Mono. The moment was not right... it seems so trivial, but at this point any kind of closeness is a HUGE deal all around. Not something to rush or take lightly.

Mono has been gone all week to the other side of the country where he is visiting his family. He comes home in a few days and I have been missing him terribly. His cat misses him more I think. She howls for him every night. I can't wait to fall into his arms on Sunday night. Thanks for the various means to communicate on line and by phone we have hardly been a part... the physical closeness means more to me than talk though. I don't do well with distance for even a week. Pathetic isn't it?

LB and PN and I have had a busy week with various events. One of the biggest being the supreme court case coming to a close. Here are the details. This weekend is just as busy. I have two shows coming up, one singing and the other burlesque. The singing is causing me extreme anxiety due to past issues and I am working hard at practicing and working through that. After its done the burlesque show is next. I can breath easy with that but there will be no less practice.

There are much holiday activities a float and I am looking forward to all of it. After Christmas I look forward to the retreat and the workshops I am facilitating.... and more shows. Busy and happy
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