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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
What I've come to understand is that, for me, the point of being poly is not necessarily to have a lot of intimate relationships right away . . . though, to be honest, I caught myself thinking that way in the first flush of polyamory back in the spring: "I'm poly now! I'd better go out and get me a girlfriend!"

Instead, I now think, the point is to be open and attentive to other people, and to allow relationships to develop as they may. In my case, I need more practice in the basic skills of friendship, even leaving aside the trappings of conventional "romance".

To be needlessly metaphorical about the whole thing, I don't know where exactly where I am going, but it's an awfully interesting road . . .
This is exactly how I picture my own personal journey into dating, whenever I'm ready to begin. I told my husband I'm more interested in building a friendship, above all else, and seeing where it goes from there. I want as little pressure as possible with and for anyone I set my sights on.
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