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Not at all - you are very obviously a thoughtful person who looks out for ALL sides in a relationship, and that's pretty awesome in my books.

My husband is boundary-less on his own. His sexual energy is potent as fuck and he loves women immensely. She is a sub, and adores having her boundaries pushed; it makes it a lot of fun to be her lover, as being creative enough to titillate her crazy intelligence takes planning and work, which can heighten the anticipation of us all seeing each other SO deliciously. Knowing that she is boundary-less, and my husband is boundary-less, we (my husband and I) talked a lot about what had gone "wrong" in previous forays into polyamory and co-created boundaries together.

As for her having partners outside of us - that is totally cool with us; we have no "holds" on her. We do, however, practice some pretty high risk behaviour between the three of us, as we are currently closed to outside relationships, so she would need to tell us insofar as we'd need to bring in more protection into our sex play.

Your situation sounds incredible - I read your story, especially connecting with your emotional turmoil about telling Eric how much you feel for him, and about your wild anticipation of the baby. Your heart is huge, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for your willingness to be vulnerable; with great risks come great rewards!

I think that we have found a very powerful, workable dynamic between the three of us. I have no doubt that it will unfold into something even more beautiful and powerful over the months/years, but also have no attachments. My husbands pushiness has the capacity to ruin it, and he needs to watch that desire to get what he wants over the collective happiness - especially when dealing with a highly sexual sub who's truly GGG. I don't want to become his "keeper" or control him, so he has to be extra emotionally responsible in a very salacious, tempting situation. In this version of the story, it's totally ADAM who would bite the muthf'in apple.
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