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Default More, More, More....

You donít need to feel silly in the least; Iím totally new here, and Iím pretty sure that a lot of people have some pretty unrealistic expectations of what might happen once they open up their relationship.

I think our boundaries are to minimize confusion and complications in a complex situation, and allow everything to unfold with consciousness. My husband is a bit of a Cowboy, to say the least. Recognizing and accepting these tendencies doesnít mean making allowances for them. Once NRE is in a more balanced place, I think I would be very comfortable with them communicating one on one if thatís something that they both wanted (S has given no indication that she does want this, to be clear, Iím just posting it as a possibility down the line). With my husband and I finding our way with each other/our partner, I think that certain boundaries will keep him from his natural tendencies to delve into selfish/feel-good/more,more,more behaviours that have proved dangerous to his primary relationships in the past.
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