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to the lovely and talented Sourgirl,

Because I was pressed for time I didn't read the attachment and had no comment on the subject matter. My ears, eyes, and whatever, perked up because YOU started a thread....very rare.

I must admit when I saw the topic and your name attached I did think of actual gaslights favorite hotel in the French quarter uses them for has a very warm romantic feel....I'd love to see your eyes in that kind of light.

Its perhaps an obsession not a fetish. And for the record you're the one that hears the lyrics.

As for your plumbing problem (related to housing) civilization has its perks. ...pumps, tanks, pressure switches are unnecessary local gov do all that for you. This why you should hire a general contractor ....let him fight with the different trades or equipment manufacturer ...

As for the topic of gaslighting and the article ...the driver( douchebag 1 )was completely at fault ....should have asked on the first call what all the surrounding facts were and who and what type of taxi services he's willing to offer. I would have waved and honked as I drove by on day with the fallout later.

PS how is the roan ? and seriously whats the photo of ?
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