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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post
First let me say I love the gifts polyamory has given me!
open mindedness
And above all – Redpepper (polyamory has allowed me to share with her, not given her to me LOL!)

Having said that, being a monogamous person, if it wasn't for the immense love I found in one person who happened to be a polyamorous person, I would never have considered being involved in this love style.

There is stuff I don't love about it, but my relationship is based on the intimate love of one person and caring love I have for others in her life. I don't think polyamory is worth it for me in the sense of me seeking it out, but she is worth it a thousand fold. (I won't share the things I don't love as they are negative and aren't constructive to helping therefore should remain my own. I would hate to reinforce someone else’s concerns)

I would find it hard to believe I am not the only person who loves someone enough to overcome challenges to enjoy their love in a polyamorous relationship. But there are immense challenges in monogamous relationships too, which I was unable to overcome.

So do I credit the love style or the individual with enabling me to overcome the challenges? I credit the individual with providing the determination to overcome my differences with the love style and I credit the love style for providing me the opportunity to grow.

If tomorrow I were no longer in a polyamorous relationship, I would not seek out another. That is just honesty.

I intend to put everything I have into maintaining, growing and embracing this wonderful relationship forever. We (Redpepper, her husband, her lovers, her family and me,) have something that is absolutely incredible no matter what label I apply to it.

What isn’t to love about that?!

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