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Default Wow...I am home!

I have looked for my people many times and here you are!

I am a 51 year old gay male who's just celebrating my 8th year in a relationship with two amazing humans (gay men) and can now share the love and experiences with like minded people!

yee haa!

#1 recently had gotten the listeria infection from cantaloupe that near killed him and how lucky am I to have a spare partner to step in and run our business and the house while I spent 8to10 hours a day in the hospital making sure they didn't kill him and boy they tried!

My thanksgiving was like this. #1 was passed out in front of the fireplace while #2 was playing with his new toy (Ipad)...its his b-day on sat, and me in the kitchen peeling shrimp while the dog show played on the kitchen TV.


I can say this started out by accident to were we "played" with a good friend who kept coming back and one day didn't leave!

Its a little deeper than that and perhaps I can get into that at a later date!


Alan, Chris and Neil from one little Podunk town in New Mexico
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