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Originally Posted by ChloeJane View Post

It just seems strange; like the violation and disrespect of our collective agreements isnít the problem, but rather the agreement is the problem. It seems strange that fostering sexual energy is considered more important than fostering good communication. Are they supposed to lie there and dream about it? Why not? Isnít that delicious in its own right? And IF and WHEN those boundaries need to be changed, shouldnít it be at a time when everyone is involved cerebrally, and not during moments of sexual selfishness?
You have to relaize the audience you are putting this question out to. It's not a judgement or slight against anyone, but if you were on a forum or support group for mono partners with poly partners you'ld get a different type of response. A lot of people on here are coming from the perspective of being poly and wanting a lot more openness and less boundaries.

That doesn't take away from the validity of thier comments at all of course. It's just important to recognize the environment you are working within.

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