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Hmm - interesting question. Not sure right now.

I do wonder about the idea of being able to learn through experience and observation that humans aren't monogamous. The difficulty with learning through our own experience and observation is that humans are very good at fooling themselves.

If we are looking for an objective truth such as 'humans are NOT a monogamous species' then we can't trust our own observations and experiences - no matter how much we might feel as if we can.

Ben Goldacre talks at length in various blogs, books and newspapers about the need for well constructed and statistically analysed studies.

Malcolm Gladwell discusses this sort of thing too in his book blink (possibly in others).

And Bruce Lipton talks in his book The Biology of Belief about how modern research into genetics has revealed that things which we might have seen as being determined by the genetics of the species we belong to in fact aren't.

This blog by Ben Goldacre on the subject of scientific trials is really fascinating:

Sorry to be a total geek about it but I'm always wary of taking experience and observation as truth! I see it as truth for me but not necessarily truth for anybody else.

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