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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
or antigamous? I think agamous would be unmarried or perhaps indifferent on the matter, where as antigamous would be specifically opposed to marriage.

May I ask why you are opposed to marriage? And is that a personal choice, i.e. opposed to yourself ever getting married, or a judgement on marriage as an institution in general, for all people? (just curious, not judgmental)
Yes, personal choice. It has just been taken away from what it once was. I think especially now it is something the government keeps tabs on, it really is something I'd not want to be part of. Why do I need a piece of paper, to tell me I love someone? Plus the fact that by both government and most religions, you are looked down upon [and in a lot of cases, punished] for wanting to marry more than one person.

But of course, a lot of people do still get married and do live happy lives with those they do marry. Even within poly, there are a lot of married people here. If it works well for you, then there is no problem with it. I just can't see how it would give me anything I can't already have though.
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