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Originally Posted by HumanityTheory View Post
Well I went to a few meet ups in the San Diego area, and the lack of women was rather striking. I wasn't sure what to think of it, "is it my area?, is this common?" you know the whole list of things your brain comes up with when you're in an uncomfortable situation... "do I look funny?"

Anyway I've been reading through the forums a bit more, and I found that I was quite mistaken but a noobs gotta post what a noobs gotta post.

Again thanks for not being strangers.
I find that when I go to poly meetings here that the men definitely out number the women. But when I got to parties hosted by my friends in the poly community, that it's about equal, with nowhere near the gender imbalance that the meetings have. So part of it is probably just the fact it's a meet-up group and men seem to be more active in that type of meeting.
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