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Originally Posted by BFTrick View Post
That is an excellent idea. I don't think I'm ready to come out to my extended family so I would have to make sure that both of them are ok pretending in front of my family. If they are ok with it that is an excellent solution!
Now, do understand that you'll be asking for something hard. Pretending isn't fun. But I would think that as long as you swear to keep pda to an absolute minimum -- in other words, to not in any way rub it in his face that for this trip you're officially the bf and he's not -- and to include him to the absolute maximum extent as a warm family friend AND to help them find alone moments together... should be totally doable. Plus, sometimes it's much easier to come out to family later on down the line when they already know the people involved as friends and have seen that there's no drama, so if you guys think this situation could be long-term you could be laying the groundwork for familial acceptance. Plus, just to be safe, you could promise to buy him a beer afterwards.
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