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Default Sharing the Holidays

I'm in my first poly relationship and it is still very new, only a couple of months, and I was just curious what everyone's take is on sharing the holidays.

Right now my triad is planning on me spending both major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) with my family and my partner and her boyfriend spending them with each other. I would like to invite the gf to join me and my family for one of the holidays. But she seems intent on spending them with her other boyfriend. Part of the reason is that we didn't really have any time to discuss Thanksgiving plans and it is already upon us. The reason that she doesn't want to join me for Xmas is that her other boyfriend would be alone.

I guess I'm a little frustrated that she doesn't want to come to either event. There is probably a little jealousy that she is spending both of them with him. The girlfriend is not on speaking terms with her family (those bisexuals are evil you know!). The metamour could go see his family but I guess he would rather spend it with our gf?

Any thoughts on my situation?

How does sharing the holidays work for you?
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