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Well it's been a while....I have been focused on my marriage with TP to the exclusion of poly, and to be honest that's the way I like it. While I might come back and make a go of looking for another partner for myself, right now I am very content to be another monogamous arm in the V that is TP, Mr. A, and I.

Well there's plenty to update on: New job...well new position, I'm the boss now at my work and I love it. I haven't felt this good about my work in a long while, it makes me feel confident in myself again: "I'M THE BOSS." not to mention that provincially I am recognised as a bit of a hot commodity since my organization is unique in the province because of how we operate. It's shown me that I can be the confident person I was 5-6 years ago and that makes me feel amazing.

Counseling was/is going well. TP and I had several sessions breaking down where our communication needs were not being met by each other, and we are both working to adjust the behaviours...I say working because it's always a work in progess but there is progress. The libido is back but the counseling really brought out how it's a trust issue between TP and I, trust that I won't hurt her (emotionally) so it's a long road back to trusting me again...and that's fine, there have been some hiccups along the way but I think we are moving forward even if at times it seems like we are sisyphus and trust is our boulder....yeah I rocked that metaphor, suck it Mr. A and your English degree :P....Speaking of Mr. A, he's been living with us now for what....four months? maybe...I dunno...and it's been less of an adjustment than I thought it would be...I like having him around, extra set of hands with chores...and it means I have been letting go of my need to constantly be doing something and have been letting Mr. A and TP do more...I say letting go because TP will tell you I still get antsy if I sit for too long...

TP and are coming up on our first year anniversary this Sunday...I can't believe it's been a whole year, it definitely feels like it (not in a bad way) though I do find myself excited for time alone now and again...but that's not a bad thing is it?
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