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I don't think we've set a date yet. I was going to stay home ON Thanksgiving and maybe cook a small chicken in the slow-cooker. I usually get invited places, but every few years I like to take a break. Also, my husband is starting a new job and it's at a hospital, so he might end up being scheduled to work that day.

Restaurants are usually either closed or require reservations on TG, but it is possible that the Asian places will have the buffet open because Asians have to eat, too! The food is not really any worse at the SEA than it was, but they try to go as long as possible before re-filling items on the buffet, and if I don't get there by a certain time, a lot of my favorite stuff is gone. We can eat there, I don't have a problem with it, but we need to get there by noon or it will be sketchy.
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