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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I'm against marriage altogether, so what would be the prefix to that "gamous"?

Regarding the whole thread, this is part of the reason I resist labels to begin with, perhaps especially 'polyamorous'. Labels are either too precise, or not precise enough, or perhaps precise in the wrong direction. Labels come with pre-packaged judgments and expectations attached, which I generally reject.

That said, I do think it appropriate to talk about compulsory monogamy, because that is the dominant model in Western culture: one woman and one man get married, raise children together, and remain steadfastly faithful to one another.

I am married, but no longer monogamous. In rejecting monogamy, I do not repudiate my commitment to my wife and our children - having children together does make a difference, and is probably the best possible reason for the civil side of marriage. I repudiate the cultural expectation that monogamy is the only appropriate way for people to have intimate relationships with one another.

Would that make me metagamous?

And while we're talking about language, there is often some fuss over the mixed origins of 'polyamory', which combines a Greek and a Latin root. Well, so does 'heterosexual' and, for that matter, 'automobile'. As for 'homosexual', it depends on how you understand homo: in Latin, 'homo'='man'; in Greek 'homo'='same'.

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