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Default Why do we say "monogamous" ?

We all make a big point of avoiding the "polygamous" label, but we throw around "monogamous" like it's the opposite of polyamorous. But literally, monogamous means one spouse. So technically, I'm polyamorous, monoandrous, and polysexual.

This has actually been on my mind lately... brought up by my other topic, because my husband is monoamorous but polysexual. I'm polyamorous, but only polysexual as a consequence of that; i.e. I don't engage in casual sex. He also feels that one marriage is more than enough trouble for his life, so he's also monogynous by choice, despite the fact that it's also enforced by law...

I just got thinking about this more today, reading a paper on polyamory* ... Anyway, the author made a point of mentioning that while monoamorous is the antithesis of polyamorous, he used the phrase monogamous for his survey because it was better understood by the population.

LoL also, my spellchecker is going nuts from all those "made-up" words...

*Morrison, T.G., Beaulieu, D., Brockman, M., & O'Beaglaoich, C. A comparison of polyamorous and monoamorous persons: Are there differences in indices of relationship well-being and sociosexuality? Psychology & Sexuality.

Edited: mixed up monogamy and monogyny. Monogamy is one spouse of either gender, monogyny is one wife.
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