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Default Good Morning or Afternoon

Hi I am Ray, I live in the UK and am new to Poly relationships. My situation is probably a bit strange to some but I will explain it.
I have a Master / slave relationship and am married to a wonderful woman called Cali, due to work situation much of my time is spent away from home, we spend lots of time communicating and even manage some sex stuff on MSN and on the phone.

Cali, my slave and wife is allowed sex partners while im away ( and we have occasionally had others in our bed for moresomes ) and I can watch via webcam, this works very well under the circumstances, recently we found a man called Dave who we discovered was looking for a poly relationship, he had grown close to Cali as her sex partner and socialising and Cali is developing feelings for him too. I never doubt that she loves me and we have all talked at length about where this will go, its very early days so this is just my way of an introduction.


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