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In your defence, I have been in a situation where I didn't hear from my partner for 2 days because he was working road construction, his phone fell in the asphalt, and is now part of highway #16 between North Battleford and Lloydminster... oh right, the point of which is that I called everyone in the company whose number I had, to see if he was alright, since I was not yet listed as his next of kin. So I can relate to that.

However, the tone of the comment sounded derogatory to me also, as though you shared the company's opinion that the receptionist is worthless. For example, you could have used the phrase "here-today-gone-tomorrow receptionist" to emphasize her low-risk position. Typically, the phrase "minimum-wage ____" is used to refer to someone who is incapable of getting a better job, so it's to emphasize that the person herself is bottom-of-the-barrel, and not that her chosen career is underpaid.

Also, regardless of their official status within the company, you have now extended that implied attitude to the cleaning staff, without whom the whole business would fall apart because none of the "high-status, influential" businessfolk would know where the spare rolls of toilet paper are kept...
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