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soo i spent my wonderful day off reading posts on here and lovemore and wikki and tons of other sites and made a list of books to check out....Im excited to say this has been a blissful and self revealing day!!! i talked alittle with my partner and asked him what he had in mind as far as his deffanition and thoughts on poly...and was pleasently supprised to find were and are on exactly the same page and in the same book i cant express the joy this has already brought me.....ahhh soooo happy. thank you for your replys and all the posts you have made in here your input and opion are very much appreciated....(excuse the spelling had too much coffee and im on cloud nine) I know it will be a hard rough road but im ready to dicover all this has to offer and im heading down it with a smile on my lips and understanding in my heart.
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