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Default Quick update, considering outing to friends and some rambling.

So, I'm about to go on my third outting with my friend S and things are going well.

Last night I went over to her place and enjoy her hot tub (win!) and while I wasn't sure what was going to happen on that visit, everything happened the way we wanted it to go.

Our first date was really awesome, and enjoyable; however, it did get a little physical fast, and while that was a thrill, it was also a bit overwhelming for both of us. Very enjoyable, but just a little too quick, and honestly, while when I was single, I'd initiate a sexual relationship a bit fast, but that is not what I am looking for here.

I'm actually looking for something my wife has, a true friend with whom she was attracted, yet they become great friends before anything really developed. Someone who understands me and enjoys my company. I don't want to be misconstrued by anyone as exhibiting really swinger like behavior... especially the people around me.

S is not really poly, though she's experienced in some open type marriages, I don't think she gets exactly what my wife and I are doing because her past experiences cloud how well we work. I'm hoping that being around my wife in the future will show her that we're totally different than her experiences.

One thing she talked about last night was the possibility of my wife to fall so hard for someone that she would want to leave me. And that simply is not a viable possibility in our dynamic. This is hard for her to understand, and I really would like her to understand things a bit more.

On another note: we're also facing a bit of a dilemma. As I've mentioned we have a group of friends that are really tight with me, but I'm uncertain how we should approach them with this news. Of course we're thinking for telling them. Anyone have any comments on how I should about this?

Well that's all for now.
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