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So today is a bad day.

Last night R, W and I all ended up at our place.
It just worked out better that way logistically.
I made dinner and we all ate and watched tv, W did the dishes.
R made a comment about how he wishes we could all live together.

He was grumpy and I am going to assume its some kind of guilt.
He ended up falling asleep on the couch and then doing to bed with W at 3am. Needless to say he is not very well this morning.

Today I am finding it hard to deal with what I assume was the premeditated act of him cheating on us.
W made a comment last night when just her and I were talking about him having no self control. He has self control, he just doesn't know what boundaries are.
I tell myself that I can deal with this, and that its just one slip.
But truely its not, he was always going to slip. I am angry it happened. I am angry it was SO soon. I am angry that despite all the sex I have with him it wasn't enough.

He got a new phone and I was loading all his contacts into it.
I checked the messages because really he shouldnt he hiding anything right?

Of course he was, of course I found messages he'd sent to his ex.
I feel sick, I want to confront him but how do I explain in order to know he breached my trust, that I breached his.

Maybe I am not right for this.
Maybe hes not right for me.

It doesn't seem this way.
He thought he wouldn't get caught.
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