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"I think it's harder for straight men to be a part of a poly relationship. Like you said, it's all about the ego. Also remember that this lifestyle isn't always for everyone. I think a lot of people think this is just a means of legal cheating, which of course it's not."

Its true, I have yet to meet a strong enough man. I have been through so much pain..that is why i had to let go of all the foolishness. Otherwise Id still be clinging. Its funny now that i am older I want to "cling" less.. Its the only way i can stay healthy until of course I can find the "one" ha haheeha. Once that happens I may not need more OR if he can be cool also there can still be a family...Just never a conventional one.

I mean I cant say I am monogamous or polyamorous...Polyamory is part of our evolution I think. I may condemn monagamy but for romantic reasons I can also be a party to it, although i do not forsee that. I dont think monagamy is right for many reasons though...These are ideals as of yet.
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