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Default Fresh Start

Our family has found a house big enough for all of us to live and not be on top of each other. I am very excited about this. There is enough rooms for hubby and M to have a room, me and hubby to have a room, J and I to have a room and all 4 kids get their own rooms too!!

I am not so delusional to think life will be a dream come true from here on out but I think it will help out a lot to have space.

Things have been going pretty good around our house. Hubby is working and J is taking care of the house and kids. Hopefully j will find a job too and we will all have jobs. Hubby and I have actually got a lot closer the last month or so. I have learned to let go of him a little and that has made things a lot nicer at home. I'm sure my need to talk to him and be with him as much as possible is a little irritating but I have tried really hard to let go as much as I can for now.

I am trying to let go because I feel like the problems we do have are based around the fact that I hold on too tight. I want hubby and M to be as happy as possible and I am tired of being a burden on them or an obligation. I am not asking for "my night" anymore. If they let me have one I will take it. I just want to focus on me and J and hope it makes everyone's lives easier.

I LOVE my family!! Each and everyone one of them. I can not wait to get into our new house and get into a routine that works for all of us. I can't imaging life without M or J. I have never loved another female (non sexually of course) as much as I love M. She is an amazing person and makes hubby so unbelievably happy.
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