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Default relationships

Last weekend again there was the situation, that the woman from a couple I am friend with, flirtet with me. She and here boy friend were really arguing heavily, very complicated situation. It was so clear to me, this time, there was no way I would invite her, without consulting her boyfriend. Though I didn't do nothing, becausse A: I was sure he would just get upset B: I wouldn't just start something with a women, I think she is attractive, but I don't want to have a relationship with her. It is really very simple, in all these situations, everyone is involved. There are so many people, who don't live monogamous, but their lifestyle doesn't work, because it is about conquering someone else, it's about power games, it's about jealousy and hidden actions. Yet I think, or I hope that there is a general movement to more awareness. How many percent of the population live monogamous, after all? May be 75, 50 may be less? How many don't live the way they would like to? Why make such a secret out of it?
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