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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
That says a lot, doesn't it, Mono? I don't think you would have tried to imagine that a year ago. I think you must be less afraid, and more comfortable and trusting now, to even let yourself imagine it.
Although fear is not a word I normally associate with in matters of the heart, you are right that even looking at this scenario is a long way from last year.
Redpepper and I have discussed some things related to increased freedom for her and the only fear I have is my own motivations. Am I genuinely ok with it or am I less invested in the relationship and therefore don't value her sexuality/intimacy as much? There is a problem there because if I am less invested then that means my connection is weakening. That in turn leaves the window open to new connections to form. I'm heart focusses on one person at a time....that's bad when you have a poly girlfriend.

All this being said, I think I might be ready to test that with her and Leo. Things will change somewhat but that is inevitable. There is always cause and effect...the wrong thing to do is assume that those effects will be negative! Maybe they will be good in the long run for both of us

We'll see.....the adventure continues!

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