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well i'm luck to have been raised in a very open family life style. there have been a few poly family friends, my sister was born following my fathers vasectomy, which certainly raised a few eyebrows in the extened, very christian family.

for me it's always been natural to love, as much as you can and whom ever you wish and to express that in whatever form suits. i do discovered the term poly when i was about 17, didn't look into it much but it seemed to fit and i explained the concept to my mother and a few friends at the time.

i still think i'm a bit of a poly virgin, having only been in one relationship which was essentially a monogomous one. my partner of three yeaars and i have now technically split up, but are still living together and exploring the idea of a poly relationship, somthing i want and he's still unsure of being able to handle.

so as it hasn't been a practiced life style i haven't had to *come out* as such. i expect i would recieve a similar response to what i already get mentioning my fathers boyfriend, which varies from suprise to confusion but everyone has been quite accepting.

my friends are a very open minded alternative bunch, my teacher is poly and i'm an artist so i don't have any employers to worry about. well exept for my part time job in a traveling carnival freakshow.

so the only people in my life whose reactions come under serious consideration is my daughter, whose exposure will be limited until her father feel more comfortable. and as i am not practicing a poly lifestyle it doen't matter so much.

suppose the point is i am confident that all the people in my life are open minded and accepting. this however does not mean they are comforable being in a poly relationship themselves.
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