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Default Um, no

I would like for them to have other women. Very much.

They are happy with just me and one is unwilling to meet the other. Or, primary doesnt want to meet secondary and secondary wasnt so sure anyway either.

All I ask from a man is for whomever they date, is to introduce them to me.

I was hurt very badly when an ex-boyfriend that i agreed to have relations with would not introduce me to his girlfriend. It went on for five years. I suppose in not introducing me he felt somewhat powerful or something.

I really suffered as Pisceans are so apt to do. I never wanted to feel like I did not exist again. I always treat people the way I want to be treated. So I would love to have a big happy family someday of lovers and girlfriends and such. My family was very scarce. I also have trouble getting along with women. I think this way women and I would get along great! Yea..I know..Im thinking ahead.
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