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Default help me understand

I would soo appreciate any and all tips and or pointers to starting a healty poly relationship. i have been reading the posts just want more direct info. i have never been in a poly relationship and the person i want to start one with i have not known long. i trust him to a point but again we have only known eachother for a year now. we have alot of fun together and i dont want to ruin that by confusing myself or him with antother person wouldnt be fair to any involved. i have always wanted to share my love with more than one person and be loved by more than one....i pictured and interperted being poly as being in a family like relationship with more then one person where everyone is loved and appreciated equally. maybe im not right for this sounds good on papper. so from your experience how does one go about discovering if poly will work for ones self.

thx Andi
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