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Yeah, definitely. We decided to pursue this relationship even though we both knew I was leaving for school for 2 years. I have, in the past, broken off a relationship because it was going to become LDR. That was when I was 18 and about to go to school for my undergrad. I was not ready for it then, I was too young and needed to explore myself... and having a boyfriend half way across the world was not something I could deal with.

This... this is different. And most days it's not so bad. We IM each other all the time (not to an unhealthy extent, of course!), I went to visit him last week, and he's planning on visiting in a few months. I cherish those moments when I'm with him, and we'll hopefully be in the same region during the summer, and once I graduate.

Keeping in touch is very important. This poem ( kinda captures the way I feel about how I interact with him. The whole describing every damn thing just to make up for a hug.

I guess I wrote this post when I was feeling really down about him travelling with his other girlfriend for a month (even if on study abroad). Reading all of your replies and talking to my boyfriend again has made me feel much better.
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