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Default LDR can be fine....

I know this feeling. I was in a LDR with someone living in another country half-way around the world. It's challenging. We'd talk by Skype a couple times per month and send pages-long emails about our days and our dates to each other. I think being polyamorous made the distance less difficult. I'd introduce my ldr partner to the people I was dating when my ldr partner came to visit. And we'd share photographs of the places we'd been, and the people we'd been there with. Sometimes, we wouldn't see eachother for a year. But, knowing we'd be together again made it okay.

We did eventually break up, when it turned out the different country thing was becoming permanent and the visits would be years, plural, apart rather than several months to one year (we had the same birthday, so we'd had a habit of seeing each other for two weeks, but that was not sustainable). The breakup was mutual and warm (and tearful), and we are now pen-pals. But the point is, if you know your lover is coming back (if you're not pining away in the meantime), and you keep in contact, it can definitely be manageable.
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