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Default Scheduling conflicts

So I will interup my talk about where it began to talk about where we are right now with a few things.

R is going to China in a few weeks, for 2 weeks. He will then be back towards for the last working week before Christmas. He then has to have some surgery and then its basically Christmas.

A few months ago R and I had discussed Christmas Vs Newyear debate.
I didn't assume anything but R told me that we would spend this New Years Eve together. Last Christmas and NYE was spent with W and then on the first he drove 6 hours to spend his remaining holidays with me and some friends.

We planned to go to my home town on the 30th or even on the 31st and then we would be togerther up until the Friday the 6th. Which is 8 solid days together.

Christmas isn't a big deal to me since my mum died and I don't intend to fly home so I may see R & W on Christmas if that pans out (But i'm not banking on it)

So basically because R & I had 8 days or nights together I counted backwards and that meant that W was with him from the 22nd to the 29th which is 8 days. Same as me. This works out well for them, as they are planning to go down to see her family and then have a few lazy days together.

Today R came to me and said W had made a proposal.

She still gets her 8 solid days and nights with him, and I get 6.
Now it may only seem like 2 days, but its still 2 days.

She then suggests we spend the remaining 4 nights together. Which means "THEY" spend the remaining 4 nights together because when they are together. They get to sleep together because that is what SHE is comfortable with.

I am behond annoyed right now, and I off the cuff told him no.

I also found out that if we don't plan on going to my home town, then we basically have to spend NYE with W because she is going to be at the place we were going to be!


I am trying to breathe but the more I think about it the mader I get.

I will under NO cicurmstances spend NYE with W, it would cause too many issues and too much pain. I would have to pretend that he wasn't my partner because we'd all be out in an environment that just wouldn't support that.
She can't stand us kissing, and that first NYE kiss with the person you love, thats special and I haven't had some one to kiss in so long and I was looking forward to that time together.

If I am at all to consider spending those 4 days together. 2 of those days, R will be in bed with me for the night and W can sleep on the bunk bed. Why? Because I am not going to be pushed into spending less time with my partner, so you can spend more time with yours!

That doesn't make any sense and its not something you can accept.

She then suggested that we come back to
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