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I can relate to this as well. I've been on my own since early teens as well. I always thought that because I was forced into adulthood that it aged me. But the reality is, it just taught me survival skills. Now, I will point out that I'm still in my 20's but I understand now that life experience does not equal maturity. Understanding those experiences for what they are does. I have also learned that I am a responsible loyal, no man left behind kind of person and that in the face of hard times I have the strength and adapability to stand when my loved ones cannot. I may not have the knowledge (because I've learned I don't know everything teehee) but I adapt and learn as I go. I also know, that my loved ones still see me as 14 because physically I have never grown since then. yep... I'm a shorty. And because of this no matter how old I get they will always want to protect lil ole me. It used to aggrivate me and now I embrace it. It comes from love and I kinda like it now. I had to grow up so fast that... its kinda nice being babied. I don't take it as an insult anymore and I'm in no rush to prove my maturity level. I have faith that the person I am is enough for now. I think people find offense to it because they see it as being bad or someone viewing them as less than. My daughter shocks me with her pearls of wisdom (she is 4.) Good hearts come in all ages and so does wisdom. One should be proud of the person they are at the age they are and not be so sensitive.
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