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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
This thread is back. I don't even know why we polys have to debate it. What about triad relationships? Lately a lot of unicorns have been posting here, over the moon for their COUPLE. NRE. For two at once. Sheesh. Is it love? Too soon to tell. Will it crash and burn? Probably. Is it NRE for two at once? Definitely.
I wonder if that's the best example since a couple can feel and act more like one person. The less individuated the members of the couple are (for example, never having "alone" time with the unicorn, joint communications, joint dates, etc.), the more likely you'll have this kind of NRE for the couple.

My only experience that I can relate to this is the sense of connection one can experience with a team. It has certainy felt a very much separate thing than the sense of connection to a specific individual on that team. Maybe the same dynamic is playing out with a couple-unicorn pairing. I would note that a team dynamic isnt automatic and is formed through individual interaction. So, perhaps indivuation supercedes and then that sense of team evolves from that. The hard part is that a couple may have that sense and struggle with accepting a new member to the team....

I dunno. I'm rambling now.

I tend to resonate with the notion that NRE is somewhat rarer occurance with 2 at once. Perhaps it has everything to do with the rarity of NRE generally.

I looked up this thread to find Dr. Fisher's video again. I'm experiencing classic NRE for the first time in quite some time despite the fact that I've been dating and partnering all the while in between. I thought to myself yesterday, "Wow! this is how NRE feels. I'm losing my f*ng mind."
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