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Something unexpected happened. Faraway Sweetie and I have decided to be friends without the romantic part -- platonic friends. This we did, because I let it be known that I'm really not able to be happily in love with someone who lives twelve hundred miles away, whom I'd realistically only see for briefish occasional visits, perhaps two or three times a year. With phone calls and emails.

There are other details of our transition, but this is the key one. You see, initially, we had reason to believe we could spend much more time together, even sharing a geographical proximity. This no longer seems to be forthcoming, or even possible -- for year after year.

One of her greatest fears in the world is hurting people, and especially those she loves.
I want her to understand that I do not believe she has hurt me. Nor have I hurt me. We are each innocent and beautiful and extraordinary in our love for one another. And while it is not that she hurt me, this situation does hurt. A lot. I miss what I thought we were likely to be together. A lot.

I love you so much, Faraway Sweetie. Please don't think that you caused this pain. You have not. But I promised to be honest with you as much as humanly possible, and I can't pretend that I do not hurt about the transition our love is taking.

I'll call ... soon.

I love you!
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