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Andrea and Shane had spontaneous unprotected sex. Maybe shes knocked up by now. He managed to get Lori pregnant, even tho she is insisting her baby is Rick's. We don't have a timeline to know for sure, but I'd bet her baby is Shane's. Their other kid is 8 yrs old and there's been no talk of them having planned this one, or having had an idea they got pregnant before his coma.

It's pretty risky she was taking massive doses of birth control pills in an attempt to abort, 2 weeks after conception. And then of course, for no good reason, she immediately changed her mind. That always happens on TV.

How come earlier they were making a big deal about being quiet on the farm so as not to attract walkers, and now all of a sudden they are doing shooting practice? How much ammo do they have and where can they get more? Not that I am not glad they are all getting firearm training, finally.

Why didnt anyone check out the barn on their own til now? I can understand Rick not doing it, acceding to Hershel's authority, but youd think Daryl or Shane immediately would have. Or even Andrea.
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