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Originally Posted by zylya View Post
However, what I am saying is that people should not apply the term OPP as a catch-all to any situation, or if they are going to apply it to any one-penis/one-pussy situation then they shouldn't frame it as a negative.
Exactly! I'm also not saying the term shouldn't be used at all, but it's just annoying that it's being used to sum up a relationship. Like it doesn't matter where the OPP came from and how ok the woman is with it, it's still always bad.

Also, I'm wondering why the OPP is the only bad thing among all the agreements people can make. Is it because it's the most common one? I don't even know if it is. Me and my husband started our non-monogamy in some form when he informed me he wouldn't feel bad if I had sex with a woman. I didn't ask for it and he didn't ask for anything to himself. So for a while in the beginning we had a.. OPP for me and monogamy for him. How unfair to him! After a while we started opening up much more, but one step at a time. I haven't seen much criticism for situations like that, where it's the woman who has more freedom than the man. Or is there plenty that I just don't see?

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OMG!!! I'm not really monogamous...I just fell in love with Zylya
Me too!
Me: bi woman in my 30's
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