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yes, I can see how this is a bit confusing. It stems from me being confused myself!

I have no idea if I am poly or not - mainly because I don't know how to define it. I know I can have feelings for more than one person at a time, but I choose to not act on it mainly based on time constraints. I like to put alot into things in my life and I always have alot going on (PhD, music, art, I am very social, travel, etc). To be honest, I really don't care to label whatever i "am". I just go with it. regardless, I do feel that being in this type of relationship with Ouroboros will bring up feelings of jealousy and will be hard, regardless of how i feel about others.

Anyhow, this thread comes from the idea that you should not enter into things "for the sake of a relationship or for someone else". That these things should be done because "of your needs, what you want, etc."

I don't even know if I buy that - why is it wrong to do something FOR someone or BECAUSE of someone else's needs? Where is the line drawn?
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