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this is a really intresting question

Poly is hard work, so is most relationships but poly is hard work in a diffrent way, however this is my opinion and this is ONLY my opinion this could be taken the wrong way and i normally don't say this but i think maybe my point of view might be useful

in many monogomous relationships, people are tiptoeing around issues like jelousy, insecurity becuase they never have a need to confront things, they feel jelous and so they make a rule that the thing that makes me feel jelous is forbidden,
the result is often affairs,
and a lack of comunication

i think that poly is more rewarding (for me) because i am actually openning my heart in a way i never thought possible, i feel jelous and i talk about it, really think about what is bringing up ANY feelings good or bad and i comunicate with my partners in a very radical way,

i am not saying that poly is better than mono for everyone but from my experience it has been better for me to conduct my relationships this way,

as for should you do this becuase you want the relationship even though you are not sure if you really would otherwise,

i say why not give it a chance, because clearly you do have some connection with this partner and i think that often we regret the things we didn't do and not the things we did do, if at the end of the day it doesn't work then you can say that you tried but it wasn't for you, and you may even start to enjoy it,

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