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Sorry, I hope this doesn't come across as picking on you for your newness. This is not my intent just so you know but
Originally Posted by PipeDreamer View Post
interested in joining us in some way or another.
this makes MY blood boil.... this to me is all the difference between unicorn hunting and searching for a triad opportunity. The woman doesn't *join* anything. You become three. Look at it the other way around, you are *joining* her also. I find this explanation the key to the issue. People in triads are not a couple and their other, they are all three independent and autonomous people. The fact that two are married becomes irrelevant and a triffle in the end. This is what is not understood most of the time.

Originally Posted by PipeDreamer View Post
I think when it comes to other newbies, it might not be a bad idea to just let them sort the unicorn/OPP part out by themselves. I think they will realize the rarity/unfairness aspects soon enough once they start looking around/talking about it.
This is a forum. On forums we talk about stuff, push each others boundaries of knowledge and understanding, and hopefully do that with a bit of caring and consideration for the person struggling. If a person comes here and tells their story expecting that they will just have it read and not responded to that is ludicrous and they likely shouldn't be here. If they don't like the response they get then its usually because they were hoping everyone would agree with them and are struggling with the FACT that not everyone does and sometimes no one does...

Originally Posted by PipeDreamer View Post
On the side: I think the term noob is also derogatory.
I agree. I have never liked that term.
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